Mobile Security Services by Star Team Security

Star Team Security provides professional and experienced construction site security that protects your property, machinery, and materials from theft and vandalism. Most construction sites do not have the proper security features in place to ensure full protection.

Star Team Security offers Toronto area construction sites a complete range of security services designed to provide the highest level of protection and 24/7 site monitoring.

Our team of trained security experts and technicians can help you create a protection plan that will keep your site and employees safe. We work with you to develop a comprehensive security solution that is effective and deters would-be vandals and thieves.


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Security Services by Star Team Security

We will review your entire site with you to identify areas where security is lacking and provide a complete and detailed estimate so you can put together a security budget that meets your protection needs at a price you can afford.

Our services include a full range of onsite and virtual monitoring services that provide you with continuous security protection.

  • Security Guards – Have a highly trained security professional on-site to ensure that only the people who belong on your construction site can enter and that no one leaves without inspection. Our security guards will patrol the immediate area as well as the perimeter to ensure your site and materials are protected and secure
Mobile Security Services
  • Mobile Security Services – Many construction sites can cover several hectares making it difficult to track people and vehicles. Our mobile security services can make regular inspections of your entire construction site to ensure there are no breaches or ways for criminals to enter or exit. We can also provide personal security details for guests of the site to ensure they arrive and leave safely as well as offer protection while on site.
  • CCTV and Virtual Monitoring – In addition to providing on-site security services, our team can provide your site with the latest in security surveillance technology designed to provide 360 degrees multiview monitoring of your site. We can strategically place surveillance equipment around your site to ensure that your valuables are always being monitored. CCTV is one of the most effective ways to deter criminal activity.


on your first month security

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CCTV and Virtual Monitoring Services

Star Team Security can also provide customized security protection based on your individual construction site needs. We know that construction sites often house dangerous or highly valuable equipment and materials and it’s important to guarantee their safety. Star Team Security will develop a security package that fits your needs and schedule so you can feel confident knowing your site is always protected.

Our team of professionals is highly trained in assisting the authorities once they arrive, with detailed record-keeping and access to CCTV footage.

Star Team Security Services

We are dedicated to providing your business with the highest level of professional security service. We protect construction sites across Toronto and the GTA with expert and state-of-the-art security monitoring designed to protect your construction site and deter crime.

Contact us today to review your construction site security needs and let Star Team Security help you develop an effective and comprehensive security plan. Whether you need on-site or virtual security protection, our team is there for you to provide the highest level of support.

We offer free estimates and a completely transparent and honest security service plan so you know you are getting the best possible protection that fits your budget.