Alarm Response Services

When you have an emergency, you need a security team that can respond quickly and ready to take action. Star Team Security offers alarm response services for residential, commercial, and private properties that offer an effective and cohesive response to any alarm situation.

Our highly trained team of security experts takes action the moment an alarm is triggered. We offer immediate on-site or mobile security responses so you can feel confident that the situation will be under control.

Star Team Security understands how important it is to protect your property. We build a security plan with you with alarm and emergency response in mind. We do an inspection of your property and existing security protocols to identify areas that need improvement and develop a plan that is based on effective and fast responses to threats or emergencies.


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Daily Patrols by Star Team Security

Since 2018, the Toronto Police Department no longer responds to security alarms without verification that there is an immediate threat. This has left homeowners and businesses vulnerable to personal and property threats. Star Team Security offers solutions that can restore your peace of mind and ensure that the things that matter most to you are protected.

We offer complete security solutions with the latest surveillance and monitoring technology

  • Daily Patrols – Our team will do regular patrols of your property’s interior and exterior to ensure that all security protocols are being observed.
Security Services by Star Team Security
  • Transportation – Our executive security services including transportation so you can feel confident you are always in good hands no matter where you go.
  • Travel Monitoring – Your job or family takes you away from home, so you want to be sure that when you are away, your home and valuables are being protected. Our team will do regular inspections to ensure there are no security breaches or unauthorized personnel on your property.
  • Neighbourhood Assessment and Street Proofing – Protecting your property begins with a greater understanding of your neighbourhood security. Star Team Security can identify risks within your neighbourhood and help you elevate your security to remove vulnerability and enhance overall neighbourhood security.


on your first month security

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CCTV and Virtual Monitoring Services

Our team is always ready to take action and can be on-site in minutes ready to respond and correct an alarm situation.

We offer security packages designed to get maximum return on your security investment. Our custom packages are built around your security needs so you can enjoy exceptional protection in the areas that matter most to you. We believe in providing our clients with the highest level of service and always work to exceed their expectations.

Star Security Team

For clients in need of additional security services, our executive details are licensed to respond to any emergency and are fully trained to provide first aid and other medical care. Our executive security detail is dressed and outfitted to provide you with the professional service you expect from Star Team Security.

Contact us today to discuss your security requirements. Let us help you put together an alarm response plan that keeps you and your property safe and protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Star Security Team is dedicated to providing you with fast and professional alarm response services. Discover why we are Toronto’s first choice in security.